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About Us

The spirit of metallurgy, which emerged in and around today's Turkey in 5000 BC, touched our hearts and led us to establish Transformation Metal and Heat Treatment Company in 2010. Although we are a young company, we perform our services dynamically with our experienced managers and engineers.


Our work continues at full speed with the endeavour and motivation to carry the flag forward both in our country and in the world in the Tool Steels, Stainless Steels and Heat Treatment sector. Our company, which operates both at home and abroad, is established on an area of 3000 m2 in Dilovası / Kocaeli region and operates in two main units: steel workshop and heat treatment workshop. Our products & services, which are subject to high standards, reach you after passing through quality control processes and sensitive analyses. We also provide heat treatment services to our customers who want to benefit from our raw material services in the steel workshop. Our vacuum high temperature furnaces in our heat treatment unit can be controlled digitally.


Thanks to the fact that every stage is examined in our quality control unit and the effective use of test devices, we do not allow any errors.


Now it is time for TRANSFORMATION!

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