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Nitronic 60

Nitronic 60

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DESCRIPTION: Nitronic 60 is an anti-wear and wear-resistant austenitic stainless steel. Compared to cobalt-containing and high-nickel alloys, it offers a significantly lower cost alternative to combating wear and friction. The uniform corrosion resistance of Nitronic 60 is superior to 304 in most environments. Chlorine Pitting resistance is superior to 316. At room temperature, Nitronic 60 also has excellent high temperature oxidation resistance and low temperature impact resistance.

  • Usage areas

    • Infrastructure bridge pin and suspension expansion joints, parking deck expansion joint wear plates,
    • Hydroelectric Power - in bodies, wicket wear rings,
    • Oil & Gas Manufacturing – in pump wear rings, bushings, valve trim, gaskets, fittings, recording equipment and grilles,
    • Food processing and Pharmacy - wear resistant applications in sanitary equipment where lubricants cannot be used,
    • Chemical and Petrochemical – used in process valve bodies, seats and trim, pump wear rings.
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