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Cold Work Tool Steel 1.2379

Conversion Metal 1.2379 quality steel, which is one of the most preferred materials in our stocks, is a high carbon and high chrome cold work tool steel that can harden in air. The material, which offers excellent wear resistance thanks to the large volume of carbides in the micro structure, has high compressive strength and is widely used as cold work steel in continuous and uninterrupted production processes. Like other air-hardening tool steels, it exhibits minimal deterioration in heat treatment and can be machined in the annealed form. In addition, the material whose surface properties can be improved by nitration is also suitable for PVD/CVD coating thanks to its secondary hardenability feature.

The application areas are mainly as follows;

• Sheet metal forming in the automotive industry

• Cutting Tools,

• Drilling and stamping tools,

• Threading dies,

• Cold extrusion dies,

• Bending tools,

• Flanging and reinforcement kits.

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