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Image by Ivan Bandura

Now it's time for the Dönüşüm!

Dönüşüm Metal and Heat Treatment

Our target is to make our company a sought-after world brand in domestic and foreign markets, to continuously review our production capacity and to evaluate the growth potential by placing the "Total Quality Management" understanding in our management philosophy and industrial relations.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Heat Treatment of Metals Make Them Stronger?
    Heating up to a certain temperature range can produce a purer and harder metal. Heat treatment often creates stronger metals. However, it is possible for some processes to make the metal weaker.
  • What Happens During the Heat Treatment of Metals?
    An increase in the temperature of the metal will increase its surface area, volume, and length. Therefore, heat treatment expands the metal (thermal expansion). The degree of expansion will depend on the type of metal used.
  • At What Temperature Does Steel Weak?
    Every steel material has an upper and lower limit for toughness. The temperature at which the toughness of a steel falls is called the 'Transition Temperature from Ductility to Brittleness'. This temperature is usually around 75°C for 0.01% carbon steel. This temperature differs for various steel materials.
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