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Vakum Altında Yağ Sementasyon

Oil Carburising Under Vacuum

Carburisation to increase the surface hardness of low carbon steel is usually carried out in an open atmospheric environment. As a result, homogeneity in the resulting vacuum environment cannot be ensured and carbon deposits differ in different parts of the metal. This can lead to undesirable phenomena in the material. In oil treatment under vacuum, unlike vacuum carburising, the cooling process is carried out with the help of oil used in atmospheric environment instead of nitrogen. In this type of furnaces, reclamation processes can also be carried out under vacuum. The carburising process is carried out with the help of hydrocarbons supplied to the surface of the metal part. Hydrocarbons are decomposed into their components to be more stable at high temperatures. Hydrogen gas does not react with the metal and forms its own molecule. The carbon element diffuses to the surface of the metal and spreads there. Depending on the temperature and pressure of the gas, the depth obtained inside the metal varies. (BMI FURNACE WITH ALLCARB TECHNOLOGY)

Vakum Altında Yağ Sementasyon

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Image by Ant Rozetsky
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